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What does Communication mean to you?


Does it mean a transfer of information from one person to another, verbally or written? Or does it mean sending a little emoji via text? It usually means something different for everyone, as everyone operates in a different way. Do you believe communication is the key to a successful relationship? Do you think we need to start talking openly and have better communication to become a good listener, so we can communicate more effectively with our partner or future partner?


Sometimes, being a good communicator is a really hard job, as you might be communicating one way and the other person could communicate in a completely different style. Not understanding the way other people communicate, or want to communicate, or not engaging in conversations at all, could lead to misunderstandings – whether it's via texting, talking face-to-face, emails, or verbal communication over the phone.


In this package, you'll discover your preferred way of communicating and how you find the communication process in the modern dating world. Learn how to send cute little emojis to someone you are dating, to share little or private things about your life, and correctly ask questions of your date. If you are having difficulties in the communication stakes, it's better to act early rather than wait for the situation to escalate. The good news is there is always a starting point…


It’s hard to open up and share who you are, what you like and don’t like. If you find communication a challenge, then this is the package for you!

What you will get with this package...  

  • 6 x 1 hr personal bespoke one-on-one sessions (Weekly or Fortnightly) 

  • Personal Brand Gap Analysis

  • Daily Practices

  • Homework

  • On-going assistance, guidance, encouragement

  • Weekly Check Ins

Some Topics for Discussion

Understanding You: 

Understanding where you were, where you are now and what drives you.​

What do you really want?

Communicate with authority, become the director of your own life, build confidence/self-esteem, better conversation & non-verbal communication

Where do you want to be?

Taking ownership of your life, developing your Personal Brand, identifying your purpose, creating the new you.

Personal Brand Gap Analysis 

Outlining the Gap Analysis, preparing the model/strategy to map out your next steps, which includes strategies, resources and knowing what works for you to build a successful relationship. 


  • Better communication

  • Communicating with authority

  • Different techniques for communication

  • Confidence in responding to Texts, Emails, Phone calls, Face-to-Face

  • Understanding how to relate to and communicate with women

  • Higher Self-esteem/Confidence levels

Next Steps: Get Market-Ready & take your Personal Brand to the outside world.

Note: This package includes travel time for a maximum distance of 30km.

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