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You're not alone in your search to attract and find love! You don’t need multiple possibilities, though... you just need one. 


Have you convinced yourself to wait for the right person to simply turn up in your life? Well, it ain’t going to happen unless you're open to possibilities! This means opening up your eyes, ears, and heart.


What 'cop out' phrases do you use when things go wrong?


Do you want to kick-start your ideas and get what you want by designing your own dating model?

What does it mean to be market ready?

This phrase is commonly used in the real estate industry. The term market ready in the real estate sense generally refers to sellers getting a property ready for the market. In getting a property market ready you need to understand a number of variables relating to the property to determine the 3 Key P’s: Price, Position and Presentation.

Getting Market Ready in the Dating World? 

There are P's in the dating world too. In this package you'll discover yours. Will they be Proposition, Proposal, Possession, Presentation, Postulation, Presupposition, Presumption, Perception, Principle, Presumptuous, Preconception?


Are you presenting yourself in the best way possible and attracting your mirror... or the opposite? Develop a greater understanding of what you are attracting.

Do you want to become clearer about your Target market?

Maybe you need to be clearer about your target market and refine what you project in the dating world?


Perhaps you haven’t truly worked out what you want, or don’t want, and are just waiting for a woman to come into your life to change for the better! Love might eventually turn up, except it all starts with you becoming clearer on what you want and don’t want, and then creating those projections.


Do you want to fuel your fire and rewire your circuits? Do you want to change your thoughts, which creates a new choice, new behaviour, new experience, and new emotion? Then this might be the package for you!

What is your Model/Strategy/Process to get Market Ready in the dating world?

Are you bringing your market to you, or would you like to design your own model, strategy or process?

Decide what you ultimately want to attract and tweak your 'Market Ready' sales pitch.

What you will get with this Package...

  • 8 x 1 hour personal bespoke one-on-one sessions (Weekly or Fortnightly)

  • Personal Brand Gap Analysis ​

  • Building a bespoke dating model

  • Daily Practices

  • Homework

  • On-going assistance, guidance, encouragement

  • Weekly Check Ins

Some Topics for Discussion

Phase 1 - Intentionality

What is your intention?

Is it profile writing, setting up photos, working on your presentation, engaging with women, first dates, telephone conversations, defining your target market, communication projections, perception of a first date, developing your proposal.

Phase 2 - State of Mind Access

What frame of mind are you in? 

What frame of mind do you want to be in? 

Phase 3 - State Elicitation

Are you accessing the right frame of mind to elicit dates?

Phase 4 - Verification & Confirmation

Building the model, testing the model, operating the model, then re-testing the model to see if it truly works for you!


  • Trusting your judgment

  • Understanding how you operate

  • Getting in touch with who you are

  • Understanding how to relate to and communicate with women

  • Feeling Confident

  • Communicating with authority

  • Different techniques for communication

  • More confidence in responding to Texts, Emails, Phone, Face to Face

  • Developing a dating model that is designed by you and works for you

Note: This package includes travel time for a maximum distance of 30km.

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