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"What women want"...Is confidence the key?

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

Dating men in Sydney is like trying to win the lottery!

There are the ones who know exactly what they want (most times just sex) and try to be upfront with it which is like being the bull in a China shop. No romance....

Then there are the ones who like to get to know the ladies but after a one hour chat, I can tell that they are not confident enough to keep up with me. 

When it comes to job interviews, men apply for the job even though they have only 50% of the skills required. Why aren't they doing the same with girls? Maybe because they haven‘t made it to the gym lately? Or they didn’t get the promotion at work? Maybe they have lost their confidence.  A decent girl doesn’t necessarily care about your achievements at work or your cute belly.

I want a man that I can laugh with and who is happy when he comes home after work. by Jessica R.

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