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Everyone has a different lens

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

It's time to fully understand where other people are coming from, and discover that others are not trying to be difficult or stupid – they are simply wearing different coloured perceptual glasses.

This appreciation will free you from assuming that your perception is the only one!

When I do this, my empathy for others' viewpoints increases, providing me with more understanding and less reactive. The ability to detect the thinking patterns, transforms my ability to handle differences, it also gives me insight into how I might transform differences into resources for collaboration in the work place.

After all, why go to war over the colour of another person’s lense?

From a developmental perspective, when we know that is only a thinking program, then we can choose to match the thinking patterns to create rapport and/or alternatively point to the differences to create the most powerful way to influence someone, to actually think about something they wouldn’t ordinarily think about.

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