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No matter what advice you get online, from friends or family, everyone experiences a break up in their own individual way. Variables come into play, including sadness, time, energy, support networks and talking, personality, motivation and tools to move forward. Even then, getting over a break up or broken heart is probably one of the most difficult challenges in life. 


Are you currently feeling down in the dumps about a break up, maybe going on dates only to find that you are constantly talking about your ex? You're not the only one in this position. Maybe you find that new dates politely ask you about your past relationships, then you find it dredges up past feelings or frustrations?  Do you then question if you are over your ex and ready for a new relationship?


Would you like to become clearer on what you want in a relationship and/or understand if you can salvage a previous relationship?


Flick The Dating Doctor an enquiry! Indulge yourself and work on repairing before you step forward again.

What you will get with this package....

  • 4 x 1hr personal bespoke one-on-one sessions (Weekly or Fortnightly)

  • Person Brand Gap Analysis

  • Homework 

  • Develop a 'dating model'


  • Confidence to navigate the dating world

  • Build your own strategy to secure a date

  • Learn how to trust again

  • Re-discover how to have fun

Note: This package includes travel time for a maximum distance of 30km.

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