What Services does the Dating Doctor offer?

The Dating Doctor offers clients:
  • Communication Workshops

  • Practice Date Scenarios

  • Bespoke coaching based on developmental psychology and clients' individual needs:

    • to identify individual Thinking Patterns and the truth about yourself

    • to develop tools to process Thinking Patterns and Beliefs

    • to understand women in the modern dating world

    • to clarify where you are today and where you want to be

    • to become aware of the message you deliver to the outside world, and whether this is the right message

  • A communication platform for men

  • A Personal Brand Gap Analysis (your gifts, expertise, and talents) and what you can offer someone

  • Education in 'emotional intelligence'

  • Neuro-linguistic programming

  • A FREE 20-minute consultation on enquiry

  • A FREE blog offering insights into the dating world

This might lead to ...
  • Confidence

  • Trusting yourself and others

  • Being the director of your own life

  • Understanding where you seek authority

  • Leading or not leading

  • Prioritising

  • Choosing your own path

  • Building self-esteem to create a confident version of you in the dating world and in life

  • Recognising your individual worth

  • Gaining a stronger understanding of your personality, belief structures, and what you truly want out of this world

  • Building a sensational lifestyle, network of friends, work colleagues

A woman's strategy in the Dating World .... 
What sets The Dating Doctor apart?

A lot of coaches do not take into account their clients' thinking patterns to determine what's truly going on inside versus the outside world. By analysing clients' thinking patterns (which are the DNA of personality) The Dating Doctor unfolds those thinking structures to give clients flexibility to create developmental freedom. 

“It’s not about switching the thoughts off, it's about
picking up the thoughts, and working with them to achieve what you want.”

The Dating Doctor, Kim